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Pressure Relief Seat Cushion

The Greatest Cushion Invented for Back Pain

   Zero-pressure relief for your tailbone and spine

Enjoy cloud-like comfort every drive without fatigue.

Instantly relax your hip muscles and improve sitting posture

Haul longer without taking constant breaks

Color: Dark Gray
Dark Gray
Light Gray

Pressure Relief Seat Cushion
Pressure Relief Seat Cushion
Pressure Relief Seat Cushion
Pressure Relief Seat Cushion
Pressure Relief Seat Cushion
Pressure Relief Seat Cushion

Pressure Relief Seat Cushion

125 reviews

Stop hauling in discomfort - the perfect solution for truckers on long drives. It instantly relieves sitting muscles, promotes good posture, and prevents sweating.

Say goodbye to discomfort and fatigue and enjoy every drive again with the Pressure Relief Seat Cushion!


Many drivers find themselves struggling with lower back pain on a daily basis, because of the long hours spent hauling across the country.

But it's not just a matter of pain - chronic lower back can lead to serious complications that can affect your ability to work and enjoy your life. And when you're on the road supporting your family, you need to be at your best.


Use a Pressure Relief Seat Cushion that's specially designed with your comfort and well-being in mind.


Patented shaped by in-house ergonomists, the Pressure Relief Seat Cushion is scientifically designed to cradle your derrière, relieving sitting and spine pressure while improving sitting posture on any chair.

The unique airhole design elevates your tailbone and provides airflow, keeping the boys down there cool.

For ultimate comfort & support, pair with Back Relief Lumbar Pillow!

Multi-Region Pressure Relief

Designed to distribute your weight evenly, taking the pressure off of your tailbone and allowing you to sit comfortably for longer periods of time.

Cool Comfort

Removable and washable cover is made with temperature-neutral fabric that breathes and wicks moisture to ensure you're not stuck with a sweaty seat.

Long-Lasting Durability

Engineered with our slow-rebounding memory foam, which bounces back even after a 12 hour haul!

"My lower back pain felt significantly better after I sat on this for the first time!

Jonathan S. - California